To Do List

Here is the current To-Do list ordered by priority.  These priorities are kind of arbitrary and reflect what I want to see done and when.  If you think something should be bumped up in priority, send me an email.  I may not be willing to bump an item because it has dependencies (for instance, IndustrialMechs and Primitive 'Mechs will require the new Rules Levels.)

Any requests for new features will be added to the list and then given a priority.

(1) Tactical Operations equipment
(2) Tab order to be changed on Armor panel
(2) Highlight Armor numbers on Armor panel when clicked
(2) Save 'Mech and variants in one file
(3) Print TacOps record sheets
(3) Don't split words from one line to the other in the editor pane
(3) Drag items back into the queue
(3) -l <filename> // loads the specified file
(3) -p <filename> [-c <config>] // prints the specified file (using an optional
                configuration.  if none given prints the first omni loadout)
(4) Fuel tanks for non-nuclear engines
(4) Include spell-checker
(5) Variant controls (like OmniMech controls)
(5) Shift loadout equipment to differ from base chassis (OmniMechs)
(6) Load 'Mech from .mtf file
(7) Expanded Charts screen (layered firepower, etc...)
(8) Quirks from Strategic Operations
(9) Expanded MegaMek interoperability
(9) Equipment by Faction
(9) Custom weapons
(9) Custom engines?