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TypeIssuePriorityRaised byOwnerResolutionIs Fixed?
TypeIssuePriorityRaised byOwnerResolutionIs Fixed?
Bug SSW is not adjusting damage values for BattleForce for weapons that have less than 10 shots per weapon. I found this on the Black Watch BKW-9R P1 wantec George Blouin   
Bug BF Conversion does not take Improved JJ into account P1 WhiteKnight George Blouin   
Bug Unallocate as little as possible with Rules/Tech/Era change P1 Users Justin Bengtson   
Request Import from The Drawing Board XML file P4 Users Justin Bengtson   
Request One-Shot launchers from right-click on base launcher P2 Justin Bengtson Justin Bengtson   
Request Booby Trap P1 Users Justin Bengtson   
Request Ladders P1 Users Justin Bengtson   
Request Resort OmniMech loadouts by name or manually P1 Users Justin Bengtson   
Request Mine Dispensers P1 Users Justin Bengtson   
Request Change all display areas to include Name, Model, Configuration P1 Maelwys George Blouin   
Request Drone Operating System P1 Users Justin Bengtson   
Request Dumper P1 Users Justin Bengtson   
Bug IF 0 shows on some smaller mechs P3 players George Blouin added a check in the IF code for a dmg of 0 and do not add  
Bug Print Sheets do not include Shields P2 George Blouin George Blouin Created images and patterns for shields and updated printsheet to check for and include them  
Bug Print Sheets HGR overflows into Minimum P2 George Blouin George Blouin Reduced the font size for variable damage items and pulled to the left  
Bug Print Sheet does not include SRM Range data for MML P2 George Blouin George Blouin Added check for MML and then output extra range data  
Bug Open dialog resets the sort order on refresh P2 Maelwys George Blouin Changed List, Force, etc to now save, load, and display Name Model Configuration  
Bug BFB: Omnis sometimes show the last config. P2 Maelwys George Blouin Found that the QuickSave loops through the list of configs and leaves the last as the current. Changed to reset to current and add to Force  
Bug BF Secondary Movement being penalized for MASC P1 nckestrel George Blouin Changed Secondary Movement calcs to check if the final MV is higher but Base is equal and remove penalties of true.  
Bug PV wrong for some mechs at print time P1 nckestrel George Blouin Should work for new forces, was a save/load error that was being compounded  
Request Scenario sheet printer P4 George Blouin George Blouin Rough print done, doesn't handle text past end of page but most scenarios seem to work fine.  
Request Quick Strike: include AC/SRM/LRM displays in Damage section rather then Special Abilities P4 George Blouin George Blouin Can only be done on the vertical cards because of space/canon issues  
Request Make Skill Max / Random apply to selected units only P3 rsteele George Blouin Re-coded to check for selected rows before applying changes  
Request Recon Camera P1 Users Justin Bengtson Added to the equipment file.  
Request Extended Range Fuel Tanks P1 Users Justin Bengtson Added for next build. Will require testing by our elite userbase.  
Request Generic Ammunition to more closely match canon recordsheets P1 Users Justin Bengtson Recordsheet prints override ammo format to match canon displays  
Request Mechanical Jump Boosters P1 Users Justin Bengtson Added for next build. Will require testing.  
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