Here is the Basic Setup tab, what you see when SSW opens.  This screenshot was taken from Windows XP using the XP Scheme.

Here is a look at the Criticals tab under Slackware 12.2 using KDE.

Here's another shot of the Crits tab under Mac OS X.  Both Mac OS X and Linux users will see Java's default Metal scheme.

Here is the Fluff tab under Windows XP using the Windows Classic Scheme.

Here I am selecting equipment under Windows XP using the Classic Scheme.  Note that I have brought up the Details window from the right-click context menu.

Here is the Armor tab under KDE.  You can configure SSW to show either the number of Internal Structure points or the maximum Armor Value for the location in the box above the armor spinners.  As you can see, I prefer to see the Internal Structure points.