Running SSW

This program was written in Java 6 SE using the Netbeans IDE.  You will need the latest version of the Java VM to run this program.  For most operating systems, the Java VM can be found here: 

Unzip the folder "SSW" from the archive you downloaded and place it somewhere you like (such as your desktop).  The program will not work while the file is still compressed, so this is a crucial step.

On most operating systems you can simply double-click the SSW.jar file to start it.  If that does not work, you can start the program using the following command from a command line:

java -jar "SSW.jar"

The program may take a moment to load.  If it does not load within 20 seconds or so, you may want to end the process using the tools available on your operating system.  All the programming was done on various Intel Core2 Duo machines and I'm not sure how it will run on older systems.