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Vacation days and Patchwork Armor

posted Feb 15, 2010, 4:05 PM by
What I thought was going to be an absolute nightmare turned into a neat thought-experiment.  Granted, it took about 18 hours of (admittedly lazy) programming over three days but Patchwork Armor (from Tactical Operations) should see the light of day in the next version.

Now, some people wanted other equipment, and I apologize for that, but the way I figure it I might as well get the toughest job out of the way while I had some time off from work.  The time seems to have been well-spent.  Most of the other items left to program shouldn't take more than a few hours each and don't require a good chunk of concentration to complete.

In the meantime I'm waiting on some clarification from the Catalyst Game Lab's "Powers That Be" over how to handle turrets on OmniMechs, plus there's the current laundry list I compiled while on vacation.  So I'm hoping we can get SSW out of "beta" within the next month.  SSW itself being past the beta stage doesn't mean we'll stop working on it; there's still lots to do.  But, with all the Tac Ops equipment in we can concentrate almost full-time on new editors, which can make use of any new stuff we put into SSW anyway.  'Mechs are the most complicated units to construct under the Battletech rules, so I'm glad they're nearing completion.