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posted Oct 23, 2009, 11:15 AM by
Well, we've finished moving most of SSW into a Java library, which will allow us to consolidate a lot of code.  I've also created a bunch of dummy classes for the rest of the units currently available for construction within the Battletech rules.  This will allow us to deal with some basic functionality without a lot of future rewrite; believe me, this will cut down future headaches immensely.  So, the next SSW build that you see will include SSW itself, the Battletech Force Builder by Skyhigh, and the binary converter tool (as well as the spreadsheet for it) that contains weapon and ammunition data.  These three tools will appear in every SSW build from now on, and expand on our suite.

Future editors, such as Solaris Armor Werks, will slide right into place in this framework.  While we'll allow a separate download for each program, they (will be able to) can all be plopped right into the same directory and use the same routines, cutting down on disk and download size.