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No more feature creep!

posted Oct 19, 2009, 4:10 PM by
In the interests of finishing SSW (or at least our stated goals) we will not be fielding feature requests for the foreseeable future.

At the moment, my own personal tasks are as follows:
1. Get SSWLib up and running.  We want a central repository of sorts that all our programs can hook into.  This will facilitate features like "Custom Weapons" and will also make it much easier to write additional programs in the SSW line.
2. Finish off the TacOps equipment.  I've put this off for too long.
3. Fix the Fluff tab.  I've been wanting RTF controls (of a sorts) that can be used by the Text and HTML exporters for a very long time, and some of our earliest users have wanted this as well.  It's been put off too long.
4. Get started on Solaris Armor Werks and lay out Solaris Toad Werks.  Since Vehicles and Battle Armor were the top requested new programs asked of us, I want to get started on them ASAP.

Once all of this is done and we have some groundwork laid on SAW and STW, I'll get back to the random requests on SSW itself.  Right now, aside from the TacOps equipment, I'm pretty happy with what we have in it.