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0.7.76 Release

posted May 31, 2011, 1:12 PM by George Blouin   [ updated May 31, 2011, 4:01 PM ]
SSW 0.6.76 is now available at

Reported Bugs
 - I cannot select more than one 'Mech in the "Select Mechs" screen.
 + Arrow keys on the keyboard were being read and firing a filter action.  I have added the arrow keys to an ignore list.

 - On SRM and LRM launchers, Artemis IV is displayed in the Weapons & Equipment box. However MMLs with Artemis IV do not have it displayed in the W&E box.
 + Updated FCS check to look at all launcher types

 - I would like to see a 3rd Gyro circle added to the 'Engine / Gyro / Sensors / Life Support' damage area when a mech with a Heavy Duty Gyro is chosen, much like how records sheets in the back of Tactical Operations have them. Thank you. 
 + Added a third circle when a Heavy-Duty Gyro is present

 - Torso-mounted cockpits don't seem to be an option for Clan mechs even though TacOps says it's available to both clans.
 + Updated Torso Mounted Cockpits to allow both techs

 - "Electronics don't list their ranges.  TAG, ECM and Active probes all have ranges.  It's probably most relevant to TAG since you need to make to-hit rolls to use it."
 + Added Equipment ranges to the print output

 - Battleforce data is not taking Improved Jump Jets heat into account when calculating the stats.
 + Updated BF calcs to look at type of JJ

 - Add the ability to store custom weapons, equipment, ammo, and melee weapons in seperate files and load them into SSW.
 + Added code to allow for loading of a separate file **More below

 - Add the ability to export the current list shown in the Open dialog to a CSV file.
 + Added export option in the Open dialog

 - Existing Quad BattleMechs and All Existing IndustrialMechs don't save their Production Era Value. Standard BattleMechs do, and Quad OmniMechs do
 + Updated to store and load the production era values correctly
 - Updated engine BV multipliers per errata'd changes for Large engines
Custom Weapons and Equipment
 - I have added the ability for users to manage their custom weapons and equipment separately from the base files so that your custom data will not be overwritten each time we push out a new build.  You will create the files through the normal process (add to the ODS file, save as CSV with ; delimiters, remove the headers, then binconvert.  The only difference is that you will want to prepend "custom" to the filename.  So the files should be:
 These files should be in the same /data/equipment directory as the standard files and will be loaded after the standard files are loaded.
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