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0.7.4 Stable Released

posted Sep 13, 2020, 9:03 AM by
A new stable build of SSW has been released and you can read all about it and get it Here or on the downloads page under the stable heading.

I do suggest backing up your Mech and Vehicle files before using, as there was a massive change in the way that SSW handles data, as you can see below in the release notes.

It is our pleasure to release Solaris Skunk Werks 0.7.4! This is a huge update to Solaris Skunk Werks. Below the link, we have a brief listing of the updates to SSW. One major change is the way we store equipment. We have made it easier for users to add and edit their own equipment with simple JSON files. See the documentation in Docs/CustomEquipment.MD for full details.

You can download the newest version, and join our development discord through our Github page here. We welcome all who want to help make SSW even better:

This has breaking changes from the last release:

  • The Data Format of the Ranged Weapons document and resulting converted file have been changed to JSON. Additionally, additional columns have been added. One is after the LaserInsulator Column, which indicates if a weapon can use the RISC Laser Pulse Module. Later columns have been added to the end for Meta information about the Ranged Weapon.