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0.6.82 Released

posted Jun 17, 2013, 12:29 PM by George Blouin   [ updated Jun 17, 2013, 12:29 PM ]
This is a "getting back into the groove" build with a number of small updates and fixes as listed below. When working on changes I use the lists from so please post there if you find something wrong.

SSW Fixes ('Mechs)
- Fixed Claws
- Fixed M-POD to be Explosive
- Errata changes
- Fixed Armored Command Console
- Fixed Scale for Movement
- Fixed issue with VGL BV calcs
- Fixed UMU MTF naming

BFB Fixes (Force Balancer)
- None

SAW Fixes (Combat Vehicles)
- Fixed Fuel Cell engine not adding Power Amplifiers
- Fixed Force dialog to reformat the stats into the type requested (BF, Info, TW)
- Fixed issue where weapons could not be allocated to Rear when they are normally allowed
- Fixed Trailer checkbox to uncheck if chassis is changed to a non-trailer type
- Fixed Open Dialog Motive filter. NOTE: You will need to refresh the unit list
- Set the Heat Sink spinner min to the HS needed for the weapons/equip loaded into the vee

SGT Fixes (Game Tracker [Alpha])
- None

SQP Fixes (Quickstrike Printer)
- None