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0.6.81 Released

posted Apr 25, 2012, 3:02 PM by George Blouin
SSW Fixes ('Mechs)
 - Fixed physical weapons (for real this time!)
 - Fixed Modular Armor not loading into list (and would fix Extended Fuel Tank and Drone Operating System too)
 - Changed Vehicular Grenade Launcher so that the print sheet uses Vehic Gren Launcher to fit on page.
 - Fixed Quad Mechs should not allow turrets in both torsos
 - Fixed Head Turret selector

BFB Fixes (Force Balancer)
 - None

SAW Fixes (Combat Vehicles)
 - Fixed Widescreen version issue
 - Fixed Naval print sheet issue
 - Fixed LiftEquipment issue
 - Fixed Minimum Engine Weight label to update (was set to 10 and never changed before)
 - Added handler so that a user can select a piece of equipment, then double-click the location and have it add to the list
 - Fixed Turret removal will now remove all weapons and equipment in the location
 - Fixed Rotor Internal BV Issue (rotor was not being counted in the internal points correctly)
 - Fixed Trailer checkbox so that it will not reset the engine to ICE unless No Engine is selected
 - Fixed Engine selector so that MP does not change automatically unless the value is higher or lower then allowed.
 - Fixed Trailer unchecking will now reset Controls to 0 tons.
 - Updated Weapon Info dialog to use CVSpaces for Crits instead of MechCrits.

SGT Fixes (Game Tracker [Alpha])
 - None

SQP Fixes (Quickstrike Printer)
 - None