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0.6.77 Released

posted Jan 5, 2012, 8:07 AM by George Blouin
SSW 0.6.77 is now available at

Fixed Bugs
+ SSW fails to handle excessive AMS ammo in BV calculation
+ Use Clan CASE turns off when constructiong Clan quads.
+ Error in BV calc of Mechanical Jump Boosters.
+ CSV Export include Cost
+ IS Partial Wings
+ ArtV Crit Count Issue
+ SSW 0.6.76 hangs at loading screen on Slackware Linux 13.1

+ Many BattleForce stat fixes
+ Engine Multipliers errata

+ Changed file path handling, preference only stores the base path to the ssw file location.  Index.ssi etc will only store the final part of the path (dir/filename).

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